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Or how I learned to love the marathon

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Trial commute

I am still running, but these days, I’ve been busy and doing long commute. So I kept missing training and was wondering… What if there is a way to train while I commute… Then I bought a bike.

There are tons of bike people at my work, and I’ve been discussing with those bike nerds. I got Bianchi San Jose 2010

Bianchi San Jose

A lot of bike commuters are expressing love to the single speed bike for its simplicity. I was convinced so I got this one, but at the same time I was sort of afraid of having this for my commute since it’s long and hilly. There were some moment, it would have been nice to have gears on the way, but I still made it.

3 hours a bit too long, but without worrying about the route, and also if I take FDR instead of West Side, it would probably be 2.5 hours? Will see how much I can do until the end of this summer!

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Sun Oct 3: Run with Mauvis

My buddy Mauvis, who now lives in San Francisco, came to New York. When I was in San Francisco for Marathon, he was a really good host so I wanted to do something for him. And he recently started to run and asked me to run in Central Park, so we ran.

But ah… I got a pain in my left leg again… How lame I was..! But we had a good conversation time together. Let’s have another run sometimes soon!

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Sat, Oct 2: Grete’s Great Gallop

Finish Time
Age-Gender %
53.7 %

All in all, it wasn’t a good result. 8:24/mile is not the best at all. I wanted to do like 8 or under. And I was doing it until 8th mile. Around 8.15 mile, I had a sharp pain in my left leg. It was sharp and all over the right leg, it was like something nerve related, I guess. So I walked a little bit. I dunno. I was thinking to stop many times.

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Tue Sep 28: Whippets Central Park

I was reading an article on Google Reader the other, and which is talking about being in flow (or it may be called “in the zone”). And I suddenly remembered that one of the reason why I re-started running was because of to learn about it. About being in flow, or training to be in. I try not to talk a lot, and focusing in breathing. I dunno it worked or not. In the middle, Luciano and I are sort of chasing each other. There was another not whippet girl running close to us, who originally passed us by, and I believe that was how Luciano and i were chasing each other. Eventually both of us passed her by, and I move forward, and was running on the top. But after 4 miles passed, I couldn’t keep my pace. That’s sad.

But anyway. It was an interesting experiment and I should try it again.

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Sun Sep 26: Fifth Avenue Mile

Overall Place
Gender Place
Age Place
Net Time
Pace/ Mile
AG GenderPlace
AG %

Moderately saying, I felt like I was dying. It was rough and tough. After half mile mark, my arm felt like falling off because of lack of oxygen. When i see 3/4 mile mark, All I see clearly was only in front of me, everything else looks very blurry. After I finished, I fall down to the street, and I was cough a lot like I was throwing my lung off. But well, the result wasn’t too bad. I took a nap and I don’t feel that much tired. I don’t want to do it again, tho. :P

The subway system is really bad today, so I ran to the race. 3 miles, actually a good warm up.

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Sat Sep 25: Saturday Long run

This week was somehow crazy busy and I couldn’t have a chance to run at all. But my training schedule tells me that I should run 42 miles. Oh I can’t make it for sure… Well, I have very important fundraiser thing happened, which I will talk about it in the next entry.

Anyway. Today was weird day. I felt like I didn’t have any muscle at all. I felt like being a soft-body creatures like Octopus. I couldn’t put any muscle in running.

Well, I still have 6 weeks. The biggest headache, which is fundraising is almost done. So let’s be optimistic.

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ING New York City Marathon Tune-Up

My office record is 2:33:42 (08:33/mile). My marathon goal is 8min/mile and for this race, my personal goal was 8:30/mile. I had a pain in my legs for a while, but it didn’t bother me too much. Well, after 14 miles mark (around 2 hours), I hit the wall. My legs were really hurt, especially joints. This means my body isn’t really prepared for longs run. So I need more distances. Yeah, splits time shows that too. The third loop was pretty bad.

Well, considering all not-good runs I had for a while and the preparation I made, I did good. This was a little faster than San Francisco Marathon (18 mile mark was 2:34:02 in SF). 6 more weeks, I think I can do that.

Are you impressed and you want to cheer me for the NYC Marathon? Here’s donation link! Please! ;)

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Sat Sep 18: Saturday long run

It was great running condition day. Not hot not windy. I thought it’s still a bit cloudy but it was also sunny. I had a arm cover but I didn’t apply sun screen on my leg so I got really sun tanned…

I see a lot more people these days. That makes me feel good too.

It wasn’t a too bad run. After the injury, I got somehow painful on my leg. It’s little subtle and it’s on my ankle. It’s just a little pain. But I didn’t feel it today, so that’s good. But still, there’s a little not feeling good-ness. This is something like a slight hungover feeling (I’m not literally hungover, just saying).

Well, I still have time to prepare. Let’s take it easy.

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